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Have you ever met your highest self? Knowing the highest version of myself was monumental in starting to make the best choices for me. It's wildly important to learn who we really are and drop who we think we should be.  Once we are in alignment with who we really are, we can make choices for ourselves that nurture our greatest good. 

ALIGN body + mind










Yes, I will teach you Pilates but more importantly, I will teach you how to be a better mover, a better breather and in turn more ALIGNED with your physical, mental, and emotional strength.  My unique Pilates Program, ALIGN body + mind, is a beautiful community of people who come into the studio and focus inward.  Each class we travel through a blend of breathwork techniques, detailed movements and mindfulness practices that leave you feeling elevated, refreshed, and strong as hell.  

MAMA, I'm here for you.



As a fitness-focused mama, you’re struggling to find your rhythm. 

You felt so empowered when you worked out pre-baby. You spent hours at the gym without thinking twice. 

But that feels like a lifetime ago and your body has grown and birthed a human since then.

You want to jump back in and workout hard. Because exercise has given you sanity in the past. 


Only now it leaves you with less energy than before.

You’re dying to feel like yourself again.


INTRODUCING RESTORE:  The Postpartum Repair Program

The home workout program designed to help postpartum mamas reconnect with thier core and build strength properly from the inside out.  

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I'm a creative, an empath, and a firm believer in quality over quantity.  I've spent the last 15 years in the fitness/wellness industry studying the physical body, the mind, and human behavior.  My own journey has led me through twists and turns but the one thing that has always made me feel my best is intentional movement.  The type of movement that makes me turn IN not out.  Where I can't be thinking of my to-do list or what's bothering me because I am so laser focused on what's happening inside. 

My ALIGN body + mind method has kept me sane throughout the ebbs and flows in life, it's rehabbed me through two pregnancies, my motherhood journey, and running a business. 

Some of my fun roles in life include being a wife to a very large, interesting, and unique man.  A mama to two equally wild and "will rule the world" type of girls. A family girl who has spaghetti dinners every Sunday. A Pilates studio owner.  A photographer.  A fitness/lifestyle model.

A woman who is constantly bettering herself and working to create a lasting impact in her community.

After working with Amy I feel peaceful, accomplished, inspired, loved but above all EMPOWERED, physically, mentally and emotionally and ready to take on any challenge and to become a better version of myself.

Laura K

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