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The Five Things To Do Daily To Guarantee Feeling GOOD!

We can all agree on one the end of the day, WE JUST WANT TO FEEL GOOD!

I'll spare you all the science and wordy explanation by simply stating the 5 things that you need to do daily in order to guarantee a LIFE IS GOOD feeling :)

Write this Daily Mental Health Checklist out in the notes section on your phone and try to hit each category every day.

  • Social Connection: Meet up with a friend, make a call, hug your partner, strike up a convo with someone random!

  • Proper Nutrition: Easiest tip: EAT SOME VEGETABLES and cut the sugar!

  • Routine: Get up, make your bed, get dressed, be presentable. You'll feel way better about yourself if you're put together.

  • Sleep: work on your sleep hygiene by aiming for 7-8 hours and no screens in bed!

  • Movement: Get to Pilates, lift weights, go on a walk, stretch....JUST MOVE YOUR BODY!

We will inevitably have "off" days but what I've found so interesting is that when I realize I'm off and look at my checklist, I'm always missing the mark in one area.

This will also give you a way to track your behavior patterns. I've been doing this for one week and it's pretty amazing how accurate this is.

Give it a try and let me know what you find out about yourself!

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