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Why You Should Get Excited When You Have a Bad Day

This week, I recognized a pattern of mine that I hope can help you on your low days.

It was just one of those days when you can't get anything right. I overslept, ate like garbage, hardly drank any water, felt like my teaching was off, and was running late for everything. One of those hectic days where you are hanging on by a thread.

On my drive home, I caught myself having negative thoughts about myself, and my career, and guilt like I did not give enough to my clients or my family that day. A true spiral. However, I could recognize what was happening from my witness. Meaning, I could step outside of myself and witness what was going on rather than allowing myself to identify with it.

The minute I caught it, the next step was clear. I needed a night of deep sleep. Now, sleep is hard to come by in my home. My girls love to create chaos in the middle of the night but a girl can dream. My husband graciously let me skip the bedtime routine and I passed out in seconds.

I woke up the next morning and could not believe that I had slept the entire night. I went right into my morning meditation and was BURSTING with ideas. I quickly wrote them all down so I wouldn't forget, but here is the whole point:

If only we could recognize when we are in the low days that we are there for a purpose. We should get excited about them because we need the cycle of low days to catapult us right back up to the amazing days. This is the beauty of duality.

There can be no good without the bad. There can be no light without dark. There can be no up without the down. And most importantly, sleep is a damn beautiful thing!

Thanks for listening. I'm grateful for you.

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