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Eat Your Food In This Order

Food is a powerful tool to helping us feel our best. It truly is a messenger that tells our bodies how to react.

Have you ever had a big pancake breakfast with syrup and fruit, only to find yourself craving more sweets throughout the day? Well, that's because your body had a massive blood sugar spike which then crashed and told your body it needs more sugar. The cycle repeats all day and suddenly you realize you've eaten like complete shit. We've all been there.

Many of us who live a healthy and fit lifestyle understand how to construct a well balanced plate (1/2 the plate is veggies, protein the size of your fist, a healthy carbohydrate and a high quality fat to round it all out), but did you know that there is a certain order in which you should consume your food?

This hack will control your blood sugar spikes. But why do we need to control the spikes?

Well, blood sugar spikes have a major impact on the body and its functioning. If you have constant blood sugar spikes, it can wreck havoc on your system and lead to:

  • fatigue

  • mood swings

  • cravings

  • weight gain

  • aging

  • type 2 diabetes ...the list goes on and on into more disease.

Here is the order in which to eat your food to make sure your blood sugar stays level:

  1. Vegetables

  2. Protein and Fat

  3. Carbohydrates

Other tips to keep the blood sugar spikes at bay are:

  • Go for a walk within 10 minutes of eating.

  • Drink a big glass of water with 1 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar 30 minutes before eating.

What about dessert?

Sure, have the dessert sometimes but make sure you set yourself up for it. The absolute worst for you is to have sweets on an empty stomach. A best practice is to actually eat your dessert straight away after a meal. The order in which you've eaten your plate will help with that blood sugar spike and you'll be rather full so you will not have to finish the whole dessert. (*Hopefully! This is a whole other conversation of learning to stop yourself when you are 80% full, not stuffed to the max. Again, a convo for a different day.)

This concept has personally helped me a ton. I will throw a bunch of greens into a bowl and have that first before having my usual bowl of soup for lunch. If I'm going to have a dessert, I'll make sure to have it right away after my meal or pair a fat with it. If I know i'm about to have a big pasta dinner, I'll have that glass of vinegar water beforehand.

If you'd like to learn more on this concept then consider reading the book Glucose Revolution by Glucose Goddess, Jessie Inchauspe.

Give this theory a try and see how you feel! As always, keep me updated.

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