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The Phrase "Movement Heals"

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Movement heals” but what does that actually mean?

My personal experience with this phrase has been powerful. Movement has kept me going on many different levels. From as simple as shifting my mood to a better place and working through stress to a much deeper level of pulling me from postpartum anxiety and healing me from c-section surgeries. It’s helped me rebuild my physical, emotional and mental strength time and time again.

When you move your body, you bring more oxygen into your system which in turn brings more blood flow through the body. This helps you get rid of toxic waste, move stagnant energy around, and reduce inflammation.

Without movement, we truly deteriorate.

The creator of the Pilates method, Mr Joseph Pilates, developed this method in the early 1900's as he rehabilitated those who were injured in World War 1. He found that certain exercises brought quicker healing the injured by increasing oxygen, blood flow and strength back into the body. The reformer was designed off of hospital beds where Joseph would attach straps and springs in order for patients to move through gentle yet effective movements.

The best part of Pilates is that it's FOR EVERYONE & ANYONE. You heard me right, any limitation and any age. I've personally worked with very young individuals all the way to 86 years old, navigating through all sorts of limitations from cancer rehabilitation, prosthetics, broken limbs, pregnancy/postpartum and more.

My passion with Pilates is to make people better movers and breathers which in turn helps to enjoy living this one precious life. Active bodies lead to clear and creative minds.

Pilates is movement that heals.

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